The company has been registered in Bulgarian Construction Chamber through the central professional register of builders for construction works in the following areas:

–  Certificate № I-009080 First group – high buildings construction, its relevant infrastructure, electronic communication nets and equipment – construction sites of third to fifth category.

–  Certificate № II-002051 Second group – construction of transport infrastructure – construction sites of forth category.

–  Certificate № III-002227 Third group – construction of power infrastructure – construction sites of third category.

–  Certificate № IV-004420 Forth group – construction of public utilities infrastructure, hydrotechnical construction, environment preservation – construction sites of third category.

– Certificate № V-005952 Fifth group – particular types of construction and installation works, according to the national classification of economy activities, position 45 Construction with digital codes 41.20; 42.11; 42.12; 42.13; 42.21; 42.22; 42.91; 42.99; 43.11; 43.12; 43.13; 43.21; 43.22; 43.29; 43.31; 43.32; 43.33; 43.34; 43.39; 43.91; 43.99; 80.20.

Petko Petkov-24 has permit № СТ163 dated 02.08.2017 issued by State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision Sofia for repair,
reconstruction, maintenance /service/ of: Energy steam and hot water boilers, pressure vessels – І–ІV category, steam and hot water pipelines – І–ІV category, gas equipment and installations for natural gas and propane-butane gas and lifting equipment.

During its existence, the company has actively participated in carrying out medium, major repairs of Boilers types ПК–38–4, Еп–670–140 and ОР 380. It has performed repair works on Coal pulverizing system /PF plants/, Heating surfaces, high and low pressure pipelines and vessels, Repair and installation of Electrostatic precipitators, Air re-heaters, Oil tanks, Mill fans impellers, Slag removal system, Installation of heavy machinery and mining equipment, etc.

Petko Petkov-24 Ltd. Radnevo has on its disposal managers and experts with high professional skills and capability of taking correct decisions. Most of them have many years of practice and a lot of experience. Repair works have always been done on time and with very high quality in
accordance with technical conditions and factory standards and safe working conditions.

The company was the first to develop technologies for carrying out repair operations when replacing heavy machinery and equipment. We can proudly claim that we have actively developed the following technologies:

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