Production of metal structures, gas ducts, heavy machine parts for industry according to customer’s drawing and request.

Total workshop area is 10 decares. Production facilities are divided into two parts: Heavy machine parts workshop – equipped with a bridge crane (20t) and Cutting and metalworking department with bridge crane (5t). The building has separate rooms for manual sandblasting, external storage for gases and painting department with a dedusting and irrigation system and paint storage. The company has large open storage areas including 2 pieces of gantry cranes (20t and 5t).

The workshop has a cutting department equipped with: Band saw, Plasma and oxygen cutting machine up to 100 mm with coordinate table 6000х2000, Guillotine with 3000mm width and up to 16mm thickness and rapid hacksaws.


The metalworking department is equipped with Lathes C13 and C11 with complete processing equipment, Cutters – 3 pieces, Radial drilling machine and Column drills.

Herber 90 CNC TB

Herber with CNC controlling unit for bending pipes with diameter up to 90mm. With a multiple pressure points for bending which will assure an equal wall thickness at the bending process corresponding with standards for high pressure boiler parts.

The machine is equipped with many add-ons for different diameters and radiuses, furthermore it has a component for thin walled pipes, which will assure a non flattering bend.

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