The company has experience in repair of induced draft fans /ID fans/, air fans, electric filters, Coal pulverizing system /PF plants/, slag removal system, furnace chamber, Second pass ducts, air heater, replacement of air heater cubes, repair of mill fan impellers and others.

Production of metal structures, gas ducts, heavy machine parts for industry according to customer’s drawing and request.

Total workshop area is 10 decares. Production facilities are divided into two parts: Heavy machine parts workshop – equipped with a bridge crane (20t) and Cutting and metalworking department with bridge crane (5t). The building has separate rooms for manual sandblasting, external storage for gases and painting department with a dedusting and irrigation system and paint storage. The company has large open storage areas including 2 pieces of gantry cranes (20t and 5t).

The workshop has a cutting department equipped with: Band saw, Plasma and oxygen cutting machine up to 100 mm with coordinate table 6000х2000, Guillotine with 3000mm width and up to 16mm thickness and rapid hacksaws.

The metalworking department is equipped with Lathes C13 and C11 with complete processing equipment, Cutters – 3 pieces, Radial drilling machine and Column drills.

Construction and installation works

The company has been registered in Bulgarian Construction Chamber through the central professional register of builders for construction works in the following areas:

–  Certificate № I-009080 First group – high buildings construction, its relevant infrastructure, electronic communication nets and equipment – construction sites of third to fifth category.

–  Certificate № II-002051 Second group – construction of transport infrastructure – construction sites of forth category.

–  Certificate № III-002227 Third group – construction of power infrastructure – construction sites of third category.

–  Certificate № IV-004420 Forth group – construction of public utilities infrastructure, hydrotechnical construction, environment preservation – construction sites of third category.

–  Certificate № V-005952 Fifth group – particular types of construction and installation works, according to the national classification of economy activities, position 45 Construction with digital codes 41.20; 42.11; 42.12; 42.13; 42.21; 42.22; 42.91; 42.99; 43.11; 43.12; 43.13; 43.21; 43.22; 43.29; 43.31; 43.32; 43.33; 43.34; 43.39; 43.91; 43.99; 80.20.

Tools and equipment

The company has a rich availability of tools:

Welding machines for manual electric arc welding process 111 and 141 – Kemppi, Lincoln, Fronius,

Sets for manual oxygen gas cutting,

Manual plasma cutting machines,

Machine for plant and site heat treatment,

All kind of manual metal cutting machines,

Manual lifting devices – chain blocks, hand winch, winches – 400 kg to 20 t,

Rope and chain hoists – 200 kg to 15 t,

Beveling machines from Ø25 to Ø 800,

Pipe bending machines from Ø25 to Ø 150,

Digital and optic levels,

Mobile painting machines,

Complete set of torque wrenches

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