By assuming its responsibility in construction, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, the management declares the following basic principles underlying the quality policy:

  • Orientation to the client – We are aware of our responsibility and strive to satisfy to the maximum extent the current and future needs of all interested parties, observing the current legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Management leadership – management is aware of its responsibility for the design, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System
  • Empathy of the people – the management strives to create suitable conditions, stimulating its employees for full participation and showing initiative in the implementation of the activities. The management believes that the most valuable resource of the company is the people. By managing their suitability, motivation and satisfaction, management strives to create an atmosphere in which people are fully committed to achieving the company’s goals;
  • Process and system approach – the products created by the company are the result of the course of interconnected basic and additional processes, which are considered and managed as a system, and not independently;
  • Continuous improvement is the main objective of the Quality System, which can be achieved by continuously monitoring the progress of the processes and taking effective corrective and preventive measures;
  • Factual approach when making decisions – the communication system, the management of documented quality information create a prerequisite for making decisions based on up-to-date information;
  • Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers – based on the principle that high-quality materials must be used to produce a high-quality product, the company chooses as its suppliers the leading manufacturers of the relevant materials and equipment.
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